Unison is Resolution


By Aaqib Javaid

Joining hands

Kashmir: word of seven alphabets makes its presence in politics, conflict, human right violations, strikes, encounters, curfew, crackdown etc. But more than this, these seven alphabets have been diluted in the vessel of pain, tears, blood, disappearance, injustice, separation and bizarre.

Wrinkles on its name have been illusionised and ionised by the nominal caretakers of this so-called heaven on earth.

Whom should we blame—our helplessness? Our ionised soul? Our hoax leadership? Or, our duality faith on freedom?

We have become a corrupted form of personality. We did a lot, but the vision is still blurred. Who will cease these voiceless cries and bring the emancipated smile. Let no mother shed anymore tears. And let no more blood spill our saffron soils.

But where exactly the void exists?

I, as the son of the saint soil ‘Kashmir’ (or, in pure form ‘Kasheer’), observe that there are countless youth, who feel the numbness and can hear the silent cries echoing violently.

Everyone is trying their best to express the pain, which they have felt and the crisis to which they are an eye witness. The voice of youth has become the medium to express the hyaline status of mother Kashmir.

But the void still remains. Everyone rebels and wails in his own formatted node.

Why can’t we combine all these nodes and make the perfect graph of perfect practical resolution.

Everyone has taken their own rebellious stream. Some strive with the medium of music and words. Some strive to express themselves with violent and aggressive mediums like stone pelting. And some utilise the power of pen and theatre skills — either in a sarcastic or neutral way.

But everyone has been doped in oneself and making its own loop.

Unison is the resolution to bring cheer and joy in the agonised and humiliated souls.

Conflict of thought is everywhere but the aim of everyone’s thought is same. Wherever is the possibility of unison, make a hinge at that point.

Let’s join hands and light up the possibility of unison — only to fulfill the half soul of ‘Moej Kasheer’.

(An engineering scholar at DIT University, Dehradun, Aaqib Javaid is from Dooru Shahabad, Islamabad)

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