By Nehreen Nazir


Time creates space for upliftment

Time blows the soil of affection

Time forms the bowl of crater

Time consolidates the fragments

Time plays a game, for time is a game itself


Time clouds the mistakes

Time clears the weather

Time deepens the sore

Time heals the pain

Time is full of noise, for time is a silence itself


Time never discontinues

Time hangs on the past

Time disremembers everything

Time flashbacks particulars

Time reveals an illusion, for time is an illusion itself


Time is a time either good or bad

Time is a situation around or within

Time is a compadre

Time is an antagonist

Time grounds, for time is a gap itself


Time is an embarrassment

Time is the lubricant to the friction

Time has an astronomical explanation

Time is atomic in nature

Time is unfolded, for time is an enigma itself


(Nehreen Nazir is a University pass-out)

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