Urs of Ameer-e-Kabeeer celebrated in Khanqah’s across Kashmir


The annual Urs of Ameer-e-Kabir Mir Sayyid Ali Hamdani (RA) was celebrated across Kashmir with the largest congregation at Khanqah-e-Mualla in Srinagar. Khanqah-e-Mualla has been the first Darsgah in Kashmir.

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Special prayers and nightlong shabs were held at Khanqah’s across Kashmir including Tral, Pampore and Sopore.

At Khanqah-e-Mualla in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chairperson Yasin Malik offered prayers and prayed for peace and stability.

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He said that Mir Syed Ali Hamdani (RA) not only led Kashmiris on holy front but also brought a revolution in them in terms of economic and social life.

“The personality we are today remembering taught us self- respect and led this nation to an economic freedom. For qualities like these, Alama Iqbal remembered him with the title of Salar-I-Ajam” Malik said in a statemnet here.

Kashmir Life Pictures by Bilal Bhadur

Malik said that “today when enemies of Islam and humanity have unleashed a war on us, Kashmiris need to adhere to holy teachings of great predecessors like Shah-e-Hamadan and remain steadfast against falsehood, illegal occupation, tyranny and oppression.”

“If Kashmiris want to transform their lives and change their destiny, they will have to move close to these great people and follow the teachings of these noble souls in letter and spirit,” he said.

Kashmir Life Pictures by Bilal Bhadur

Born in Hamadan, and buried in Khatlan Tajikistan, Ameer-e-Kabeer played a major role in spreading of Islam in Kashmir and he has also influenced the culture of the Kashmir valley.


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