Use mosques for reformative activities: Mirwaiz

KL Report


Calling upon the people to use mosques not only as a place for collective praying but also as centers of social and reformative activities for social reforms in the society, Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman and Ameer Mutahida Majlis Ulema Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Sunday urged the people to come forward and lend a helping hand to fight social evils.

According to a statement Mirwaiz stated that immorality; corruption, extravagance, and futile rituals were currently plaguing the Kashmir society and it is the duty of every conscious Kashmiri specially the youth to come forward and play their role to bring social reform and get rid of these social evils, thereby help in building a sound society based on moral and Islamic values.

In connection with the social reforms campaign, Mirwaiz addressed a gathering of local imams and respected citizens of the Chattabal at Masjid Sheikh Yaqoob sahib. Mirwaiz stated that the young generation was the future of Kashmir and drug addiction is one of the biggest challenges they are facing right now.

Mirwaiz said that parents in particular have to impart rich values and acquaint their children with Islamic teachings so that the young generation is shown the right path which would ultimately lead to progress and prosperity of Kashmir. He said that people can’t remain mute spectators to growing social evils around them, He said that we have to work both individually and collectively to save not only our families but the society at large from the grave issue of moral and social degradation.

Mirwaiz stated that social ills like immorality, drug and Liquor addiction have sadly shown a rising trend. He said social evils in Kashmir can only be countered by protecting our Islamic identity. He appealed conscious Kashmiris, Ulemas, and respectable, intellectuals to take measures to preserve the Islamic values and inculcate those teachings among the people to preserve the true Islamic spirit. Hurriyat Chairman stated that Kashmiris were engaged in a freedom struggle. ‘It’s a time when we not only have to show steadfastness to our cause and be politically aware of our responsibilities but also we have to address the social and moral challenges facing the society. He said that a healthy society is guarantee of bright future for the people of Kashmir.


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