Use your good office to end continued custody of Kashmiri political prisoners: Geelani appeals ICRC


Hurriyat Conference (g) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani has strongly condemned the ill-treatment meted out to the Kashmiri prisoners outside jails especially in Tihar Jail and appealed the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to use its good office to end the ‘long and continued custody of these political prisoners.

“Despite being political prisoners they are kept in a very humiliating condition and kept with criminals and other social convicts,” Geelani in a statement said.

In a statement Geelani said that from the last week of December 2018 all the Kashmiri and Pakistani prisoners are shifted to jail no 8/9 and kept in a two-story building of ward no 12, which is devoid of any ventilation or sunlight, making the poor inmates shiver in this chilling cold of winter.

“Although the prisoners repeatedly requested the jail authorities to allow them to mere out in the lawn in front of the bark, but instead of allowing them to do so, they imposed more restrictions,” he said.

Hurriyat chairman in a statement said that authorities intended to bring in more convicts, which will further make the prisoners’ life miserable.

He said that list of relatives to meet them is also shortened, which deprives them to meet their relatives.

“The food and drinking water supplied is also unhygienic and below standard, by which many prisoners are suffering from various health issues and sick inmates are left to battle for their lives as no proper medical care is provided to them,” said Geelani.

He further said that doctors and other health officials posted in jail come for their duties and show their faces even after months.

“Even some lab investigations are performed on court orders but their reports are withheld for unknown reasons and poor prisoners didn’t even know what these reports are?,” he added.

Geelani said that these inhuman actions by the authorities are deliberate attempt to physically and psychologically harm these helpless people.

He said that this biased and revengeful attitude of the authorities is just to satisfy the collective conscience of their vote bank even at the cost of such humanitarian tragedy.


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