‘VAC Most Effective In Treating Diabetic Foot Ulcers’

KL Report


Experts at SKIMS have found the specialized technique being used at SKIMS called Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC) for diabetic foot ulcers as the most effective treatment procedure than conventional method of saline gauze dressing.

Diabetes is the most common problem in Kashmir and patients suffer from complex complication of foot ulcers and various other infections as a result of this disease.

The doctors at SKIMS say the serious problems like ulceration, infection and gangrene are common complications that develop in diabetic foot ulcer patients and have found that the VAC procedure is very effective in terms of healing rate, safety and patient satisfaction and helps in efficient management of such disorders.

The patients treated with VAC have reported quick healing of wounds; earlier wound discharge and large number of patients are satisfied with the said procedure.

Director SKIMS & Ex-officio Secretary to Government Dr  Showkat Zargar said, SKIMS strives to develop and use more suitable procedures in treating such patients as satisfactory patient care system is the top priority of SKIMS.

The study has been conducted by Dr. Ali Muhammad Lone, a postgraduate student at SKIMS who presented his research paper at 17th PGRP which was held at SKIMS recently.


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