NC Is Suffering From “Political Dementia”: PDP

KL Report


Ridiculing Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s statement where he had accused PDP of dividing people in the name of religion, main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Thursday said the National Conference is suffering from ‘political dementia as it is blaming opposition for mistakes of its leaders’.

“Time is not far when NC will blame PDP for back tracking from the plebiscite front. The Party will also blame PDP for other past historic blunders as the party has lost its credibility among the masses due to its anti people policy”, PDP Chief Spokesperson, Naeem Akhter told KNS.

“National Conference (NC) is suffering from “Political dementia” and now blames opposition for their past mistakes. Everybody knows what NC has done in Kashmir; they cannot befool the people anymore”, he added.

He said the entire system of governance has collapsed and every day new scams surface in the state. “The only solution for the present mess in Kashmir is the disposal of present government. There is no feature in the present system so the Omar Abdullah government should go now”, he added.

Demanding immediate resignation of Omar Abdullah government Naeem said ‘they have all proved to be scandalous, corrupt, deceptive, and killers of Kashmiri people’.

“Omar Abdullah should resign over Hajji Yusuf murder, Shamlal Sharma should resign for drug scandal and Taj Mohiudin should go for PHE and land grab scandals”, he said.

He said the NC’s slogan for Autonomy and (AFSPA) revocation is only to hoodwink the people. “They did nothing for last four and half-year and now when elections are closed they are trying to deceive the people by these hollow slogans”, he said..

Castigating the collation government over spurious drug issue Naeem Akhter said, “We want all facts to be brought to light immediately. But Peoples Democratic Party feels that real crime in Kashmir is not crime now. The only crime here is to fight for one’s own rights. When someone asks for justice the government slaps PSA on him, puts him behind the bars or even is being killed”.

Regarding his party’s strategy in coming elections he said, “We are fighting for all seats and there would be no alliance with any party as party Chief Mehbooba had said it earlier in a press conference”.


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