VDC Terror: PDP Lawmaker asks Govt to Disband Govt Militia



VDC members.

Asking Coalition Government especially to his party to disband Village Defence Committees without any delay, senior People’s Democratic Party politician and legislator Rajouri Qamar Hussain Thursday said that Village Defence Committee (VDC) members are “more lethal than terrorist organizations” and the members of all the Committees need to be disarmed.

Qamar Hussain told CNS that VDC members are targeting civilians and due to their “unholy and illegal acts”, people have been feeling insecure. “Being the representative of the people of Rajouri and being the part of the government it is my prime duty to impress upon the government to disband these committees which are turning out to be terrorist bands,” he said.

MLA Rajouri said that he is not talking about the Hindu members of VDC. “Both Muslim and Hindu members of these committees should be disbanded. Majority of the people in the Chenab Valley are opposing the continuation of these ‘terrorist’ committees. People are the ultimate source of authority and the government must listen to public and disarm all the members of these committees,” he said.

When asked Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh is not in favour of disbanding VDCs, Qamar Hussain said that an individual is not the sole authority. “I will organize a press conference and will keep the point of view of my people who support me. I will start a campaign against these ‘terrorist’ committees. Government has not right to arm a section of people in the name of militancy which doesn’t exist anywhere in Jammu region,” he said.


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