Vegetable Prices ‘Sky-Rocket’ during Ramzan in Srinagar



Kashmiri Spinach: The most expensive vegetable in the market.
Kashmiri Spinach: The most expensive vegetable in the market.

The prices of essential commodities especially vegetables have gone sky high in the holy month of Ramzan while common people blame enforcement agencies for mess stating that they have miserably failed to keep prices under control.

Netizens on social networking sites are busy in sharing photographs comparing rate list of essentials before and during the holy month of Ramzan. “With the commencement of the holy month the prices of essentials and vegetables witnesses almost 80 to 100 percent hike. The ‘Saag’ is being sold at Rs 70 per kg, while it was sold at around Rs 40 per kg before Ramadan,” Abdul Rasheed a Srinagar resident told CNS.

The ineffective control of agencies over the market has been irking people who find themselves helpless before the sellers.

At various markets across Srinagar, Tomato is being sold at Rs 50-60 a kg while it was priced at Rs 30 last week; Beans are sold at Rs 70, potatoes Rs 50, Bindi 90 and chicken at 140-50. The locals alleged that nowhere in markets vegetables and mutton are sold at government fixed rates.

“It is unfortunate that the administration has failed to curb prices and act against the hoarders and black marketers. The state government should put in place strict measures to check prices of essentials as some elements take advantage of government’s ‘slumber’.

Despite repeated attempts Director CAPD could not be contacted while an official of the department said that enforcing agencies are punishing violators on daily basis.


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