IBK ‘Survey’ aims at ‘Proving Potential’ of Islamic Banking in J&K



Islamic Banking Kashmir

Islamic Banking Kashmir (IBK), an Awareness, Research & Advocacy group, which aims to facilitate implementation of “Islamic banking & finance” in J&K has launched its “Survey campaign for each district of the state”.

In a statement issued by the IBK, its chairperson, Mehboob Makhdoomi, said, “people can fill in these Surveys Online as well as Offline.”

“Those who want to do it online can log on to the group’s website here http://ibkashmir.net/survey-form/ . On this page, there are Surveys for all the 22 districts of J&K, by name. A respondent has to click on the name of the district he belongs to and complete the Survey and submit,” the statement said.

'Islamic Banking Kashmir' core team led by its chairperson, Mehboob Makhdoomi (c).
‘Islamic Banking Kashmir’ core team led by its chairperson, Mehboob Makhdoomi (c).

“However, the primary focus is on the paper surveys which will be conducted by the group’s district coordinators in their respective districts (be that in Chenab valley or Pir Panjal, Ladakh, Jammu or Kashmir valley),” Makhdoomi said.

He further added, ”IBK will approach people from all sections of the society and will request to fill in these Surveys.”

The R&D & Operations team of IBK appealed people to cooperate with their volunteers and participate in their research, the statement added.

“The objective to conduct verifiable Survey in the state is to prove the potential of Islamic banking in Jammu & Kashmir, and convince the concerned authorities to amend the laws accordingly and allow such an option for the people of the state. The data will be analysed and its comprehensive report would be sent to the RBI & Finance Ministry of India,” the statement said.


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