Victims’ Families Refuse To Identify Slain Militant ‘Behind’ Dhangri Attack

SRINAGAR: Following the killing of a militant by security forces in the Kandi area of Rajouri on Saturday morning, families of victims from the Dhangri attack refused to identify the slain ultra, The Tribune reported.

The Army believes that the militant was responsible for the targeted killings of Hindus in Dhangri village, where seven civilians were killed and 15 others injured.

When the police informed the victims’ kin that one of the suspected attackers had been killed in the Kesari hills forest area of Kandi, it provided little relief for the families. They want the police to identify those who provided specific information about Hindu homes in the village, as there are also Muslim homes in the vicinity.

The village Sarpanch, Dheeraj Sharma while speaking to The Tribune, stated that no family of victims went to identify the slain militant, and everyone believes that there was someone else who informed the attackers about the Hindu families living in the village.

The police had sent a vehicle to take victims’ families to identify the militant, but everyone is of the view that the real culprits are still at large. During the Dhangri attack, two women saw the attackers on a killing spree. One of the women, whose close relative was shot dead, said that they are not safe until the police identify those who helped the militants launch the attack.

It has been reported that the Dhangri attackers stayed at a woman’s house in Bathuni village in Rajouri. She has identified the dead militant to be one of those who attacked Dhangri.

However, the police or NIA has not confirmed this. Meanwhile, the search for the group of armed terrorists continues in the thick vegetation area of Kandi.

On Friday, after the Army received specific information about the presence of militants, an operation was launched that resulted in the killing of five soldiers.


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