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A video is making rounds on the social networking sites in which forces are seen beating women incessantly. The video is reportedly shot at Dangerpora, Pulwama.

In the 40-second video clip, the forces personnel are seen chasing a few local women and beating them several times with canes.

Mushtaq Ahmad, a PDP worker, who is a family member of one of the women who was reportedly beaten by the forces, while talking to a local news gathering agency,  said, “They (forces) barged into our compound when stone pelting was going on in the area. They took my son out and started beating him. My wife pleaded them to spare my son but they started thrashing her as well.”

Meanwhile, SP Pulwama, has denied the allegation that the forces have beaten the women. While taking to Kashmir Life, he said, “The forces were chasing a stone pelter and some local women tried to hinder the chase.”

He added, “I have watched the video and we are yet to ascertain its authenticity.”

Meanwhile, the video has been shared widely on the social networking sites and apps including Facebook, Twitter, Whats App and Instagram.


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