Violence has no place in our society: Nasir Aslam


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Saturday asserted that violence has no place in today’s world and has appealed for restraint across Jammu and other parts of the country in wake of reported attacks and harassment against Kashmiris.

Party’s provincial president Nasir Aslam Wani while talking to reporters here at party headquarters Nawa- e- Subah said, “We here in our party have unequivocally condemned the attack on CRPF in the strongest possible terms. Our sympathies and thoughts are with the grief-stricken families of slain CRPF men. We, here in Kashmir can empathize with the pain of aggrieved families, we too have been the victims of violence and no one else other than us could possibly gauge the pain of those who have lost their loved ones the other day in the attack,” he said.

Nasir maintained that government of India is unfortunately unwilling to accept the political nature of Kashmir issue. “Nowadays we get to see how dialogue is used as a medium to bring about rapprochement by various opposing factions between themselves. The talks between Taliban and US are a point in case,” he said adding, “The situation in the world is changing, and the role of dialogue has gained currency in conflict resolution throughout the world. It is high time for the GOI to understand the utility of dialogue and give peace a chance to thrive in sub-continent,” he said.

“A bullet for a bullet, will not afford a way forward. The catchwords like ‘Gali Say Nahi, Galey Milnay say” have turned out to be a damp squib. I believe the need of the hour necessitates for dialogue, reconciliation especially with the disenchanted youth of Kashmir,” he said

Nasir said the current BJP led government boasts a vacillating foreign policy approach.

“On one hand they open corridors with Pakistan; have invitees from Pakistan in Gujarat investor’s conference. But when it comes to Kashmir the approach of the GOI experiences a paradigm shift. This I believe has to change,” he said.

Denouncing the mob frenzy and violence in Jammu as an attempt by communal elements to polarize the state on regional and religious lines, Nasir said, “We expect that the mature civil society of the Jammu will not heed the divisive agenda of certain rouge outfits. There are rogue elements in every society and the need of the hour is to sideline such elements.”

“I also welcome the recent statement of Jammu chamber of commerce for showing aversion for such violence and coming down strongly on communal frenzy. I urge the incumbent governor administration to recompense the material losses to the affected,” he said.

Among others, central Secretary Irfan Shah, district President Peer Afaq, Provincial Secretary Showkat Mir, Provincial spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar, Women’s wing Provincial President Engineer Sabiya Qadri, YNC vice President Ahsan Pardesi were also present.


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