Ensure calm and frustrate the designs of communalists, KCSDS appeals Jammunities


Kashmir Centre for Social and Developmental Studies (KCSDS) on Saturday said that reports of violence let loose on Kashmiris in Jammu in the aftermath of Lethpora attack as if the people who are attacked and whose vehicles have been smashed are the carriers of the attack.

The spokesman in a statement said that Jammu administration has miserably failed to provide safety and security against the attacks of goons who thrive on anti- Kashmir rant and are ever ready to pounce on Muslims under any pretext. The spokesman said Jammu administration has not prevented arson, vandalism and violent assaults on Muslims staying in different parts of Jammu.

KCSDS have appealed the general sensible civil society of Jammu to ensure calm and mutual brotherhood and frustrate the designs of communalists. JCCI should understand that Jammu trade and business thrives on Kashmiris and any harm is done to Kashmiris will be self-defeating.


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