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Police and forces used tear smoke shells to disperse the protesters in Palhalan on Sunday after people came out of their houses and started protesting against searches in the area.

Authorities had deployed a large number of police and forces personnel in the village two days ahead of 26 January.

“The men in uniform have been making house to house searches since last two days and the practice continued today as well,” local sources told Kashmir Life adding “This provoked the people who came out and started protesting against it.”

The protesting people raised anti-India slogans and started marching towards the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad highway.

Sources said that police and forces chased the protesters who in retaliation pelted stones on them.

Police later used tear gas shells to disperse the protesters resulting in panic in the village.

Sources said that clashes continued for an hour and an extra reinforcement of police personnel helped in controlling the situation.

Meanwhile, police spokesman told Kashmir Life that Republic Day passed away peacefully and no untoward incident was reported from anywhere in Kashmir.


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