Virtual Event: When Kashmiris Across Globe Recreated K-Memories for 12 Days

Tabish Khan


On February 9, when Kashmir was shut to commemorate Afzal Guru anniversary, the online portal started an online event that in next 12 days stirred up nostalgia besides recreated Kashmir memories.

The online event aimed at collecting “Kashmir memories” was organized by a Kashmir-based e-commerce portal. It concluded today—not before, rejuvenating the memories.

The event was organized by Kashmir Box, an e-commerce portal selling everything related ‘Kashmir’ from February 9-20.

“Kashmir always lingers in minds of people who visit it,” said Muheet Mehraj, the owner of online portal. “There is always connection they share. We only tried to recreate those wonderful moments by sharing their experiences with us.”

Shortly after announcing the event, said Muheet, Kashmiris across the globe shared their K-memories through Selfies, rare photographs or paper-machie works. “From the images we received,” he said, “we could sense that everyone is connected with Kashmir.”

The event created with a “heart touch” was especially designed for Kashmir Diaspora, who relived their moments.

The event managers collected the pictures through the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

“Within days, we received stack of images,” said Muheet. “Perhaps it was for the first time that people took their images out of their cupboards and living rooms in bulk to share it with world.”

Among those who shared the memories was Burhan Shah, a trader. “I had posted my memories in event,” he said, “which made me feel, as if, I had relived my past.”


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