SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir Students Association (JKSA) has requested Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to announce winter vacations, particularly for lower classes, on a priority basis. The appeal comes in light of plummeting temperatures and dense fog gripping the region.

View of Ganta ghar on Monday Morning (KL Image-Bilal Bahadur)

The association highlighted that adverse weather conditions extend beyond conventional challenges of rain and snowfall. With temperatures reaching sub-zero levels and visibility significantly reduced due to fog, the journey to school becomes arduous, especially for young students.

In a statement, National Convener of Association Nasir Khuehami said, ‘The lieutenant governor administration should consider these changes in weather. It is very difficult for kids to go to school in extreme cold and fog.’

The plea specifically calls for winter vacations up to Class 8, citing the vulnerability of younger students to harsh weather conditions. Nasir Khuehami stressed the urgency, urging the Lieutenant Governor to make the announcement as soon as possible to alleviate the hardships faced by students and their families.

National General Secretary Ummar Jamal said, ‘Bad weather doesn’t only mean rain and snowfall. It includes cold when the temperature dips to minus, and visibility becomes very low due to fog. Authorities should consider these changes in weather. It is very difficult for kids to go to school in extreme cold and fog.’

‘As winter tightens its grip on the region, we hope that the government will prioritize the well-being of students and take prompt action to ensure a safe and comfortable learning environment during the challenging weather conditions,’ Jamal added.

Pertinent to mention, The Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) has also urged the government to declare winter vacations for schools, particularly for lower classes, as a priority due to sub-zero temperatures and foggy conditions.

The Association reported receiving representations from numerous parents and schools highlighting the challenging weather conditions. A spokesperson for PSAJK emphasized the difficulty young children face in waking up early and preparing for school in such weather. “We are not a developed nation where houses, buses, and schools are all centrally heated. We have to adjust according to the weather,” the spokesperson stated. “Even for parents, it is a difficult task to prepare their wards for schools.”


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