Voters have Spoken

The much awaited Lok Sabha results are out with some ‘surprising’ revelations. When it comes to Kashmir, the ruling coalition alliance had been white washed. Even veteran NC leader and till date unbeatable Dr Farooq Abdullah and ‘crisis manager’ of Congress Ghulam Nabi Azad had to taste the defeat.

The reasons may be many, but the most dominating for this topsy-turvy result is ‘vote for change’.  People have done away with short lived memory. They remember. They may forgive, but can’t forget.

When entrusted with mandate, the chosen ones should realize that the real power lies with the people. This time though major population stayed away from polling, even those who participated did manage a paradigm shift.

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah while acknowledging the loss with humility calls for ‘introspection’, but what it took so long for him to think that there are lacunae. Why it is so that once in power, there is disconnect with the people who actually have voted them to be in power. The electorates who make this process a success are then deprived of every basic thing. This system offer voter privileges, denied by the very system they create.

Though now the Principal opposition party of state has emerged successful for all the seats of valley, they should be mindful of their ‘obligations’.  Delhi is not far away. Present day voter is no more someone who gets swayed by the sloganeering.  As they say, ‘uneasy lies the head that wears crown,’ winners should realize the importance that politics is game of numbers. Numbers lies with the people who come and vote. Elect and reject. Even the phenomenal trend of NOTA depicts that somewhere down the line voters are well aware how to exercise their franchise.

If the win comes from people, why instantly same people become ‘untouchable.’  The politicians should try to manage with the feeling, ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ When it comes to the public scrutiny, all the while you cannot do away without facing the ‘brunt’.

Though NC- Congress both want to go back to their people at the grass root level, but what is being done prior you have no option but to see people again is what matters most.

Killings, curb on social media, curfew, arrests and caged population when got chance to have a say, they opted for alternate option. But what is to be seen that how the winners respect the decision.  Or else it does not take much to have change of mood. May 16 is over, the larger battle for J&K State assembly is yet to come with the fall of autumn.

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