Waheed Parra Survives Attack


PDP youth president Waheed Parra was attacked last night in a Budgam village. He survived safe but his bulletproof vehicle was hit by at least two bullets,

Parra told Kashmir Life that he had gone to condole the death of one of his PSO’s mother, who passed away last week. He had gone on her fourth day to the village Handjan, almost six kilometers from Budgam.

“As we moved out of the village, we heard a sound and mistook it as a stone that had hit our vehicle,” Parra said. “Later when we were hit by a second bullet, we could realise that we were under attack.”

Both the bullets have hit the Bolero vehicle which is bullet proof. He said they somehow managed to come out of the harm. He said there was a possibility of somebody chasing him to the village.

No militant outfit has staked the claim for his attack. Police have registered a case in the attack.


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