Was this ‘Mufti sahab’s vision’ to lie about professional credentials: NC asks PDP


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National Conference on Tuesday asked the Peoples’ Democratic Party to stop manufacturing fake professional credentials for those that join the party and said lying about one’s professional credentials doesn’t amount to being ‘right-thinking’ as announced by PDP but exhibited lack of sincerity and honesty on both sides – that of the entrant’s and that of the party welcoming him.

J&K NC Flag
J&K NC Flag

“We understand Mehbooba Mufti’s sense of extreme desperation to portray that PDP – which stands rejected by the state and its people – has miraculously found acceptability among those with noteworthy professional credentials. However, announcing that a diploma holder has a different degree especially in the medical profession and giving titles like ‘Valley’s first liver transplant surgeon’ doesn’t behove a political party that is part of an accountable system of governance”, an NC Spokesperson said in a statement.

The NC Spokesperson also asked PDP and the Chief Minister to clarify if the particular doctor whose joining has been marketed by the PDP as “right thinking” people joining PDP had any stakes in a private hospital that was recently seized by the Director Health for a death caused by negligence. “The team from the Directorate of Health Services had recently seized a hospital for being unregistered and operating illegally while flouting norms laid down by the government. PDP should clarify if this new entrant into their party was either an owner, stakeholder, promoter or partner in that hospital? If yes – then what kind of ‘right-thinking’ does Mehbooba Mufti see in such illegalities? Should the Chief Minister condone such activities and behaviour in the medical profession”, an NC Spokesperson added.

“PDP stands decimated across the state and no amount of lying or manufacturing specialized degrees in its imagination will help the party escape an imminent rout. The most tragic part of this incident is that these lies have been told with the Chief Minister’s approval and while she was a part of this joining that is being marketed by PDP as ‘right-thinking’ people joining it. The Chief Minister should realize her responsibility towards the people of this state who might be misled into disastrous medical accidents, negligence and life-or-death decisions based on these lies”, the NC Spokesperson further said.

“Was this Mufti Sahab’s vision? Lying about professional credentials and being an open safe-haven for those that flout government regulations and norms in the medical sector? If PDP can’t prove the credentials of the said individual, the Chief Minister should tender a public apology for promoting lies. The Chief Minister should immediately clarify on the questions that have been raised”, the NC Spokesperson added.



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