Water Water Everywhere But Not In Srinagar’s Fort Area

KL Report


Tens of thousands of households living around the Afghan Fort in old Srinagar city lack access to already rationed water supplies for the last two weeks. There is no alternative in place which is making desperate families to get buckets from neighboring belts in Nowhatta and Hawal.

The area of Hake Bazar, Devi Angan, part of Hawl and Mukhdoom Sahab are being fed from a huge water reservoir that is located atop the Sharika Devi temple on the Fort hillock. The reservoir is charged by Pokhribal plant near the Central Jail Srinagar that lifts water from Nigeen lake.

Early last month, the hillock reservoir caved in and its roof reportedly landed in the tank forcing authorities to start repairs. In with the main reservoir not operational, the PHE has installed a couple of tanks that are connected to the locality. These very small storage devices lack creating enough of pressure that would help people get the water.

The area is otherwise on massive rationing getting water for four days in the morning. Now it has been reduced to half an hour and the supply lacks any pressure that the consumers will benefit.

Locals have been seeking water tankers should be pressed into service so that they can fill their tanks. Even offering short duration supply with a better pressure will manage the crisis, for the time being. PHE and the local district administration has been intimated, locals said. We are just waiting for the response which has been delayed inordinately.


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