‘We have our own Anthem, our own flag; nobody will be allowed to disrespect it’

KL Report


Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) President and MLA Langate Engineer Rashid Saturday castigated Mufti Sayeed lead PDP- BJP Government for withdrawing the circular that had called for constitutional authorities to maintain the sanctity of the state flag,

“PDP and Mufti Sayeed are succumbing under the pressure of Hindutva brigade of BJP and by saying that the said circular was not approved by a ‘competent authority’ tantamount to rubbing salt on the wounds of Kashmiris,” Rashid said. “This withdrawal of circular is blatant violation of constitutional norms and flouts all the prescribed rules and regulations. The issue of our own National Anthem and having our own State Flag holds key to the existence of every sane citizen of Jammu &Kashmir and no compromise would be made over it.”

Engineer Rashid said that his party AIP will protest this “murderous act” on constitution with all force.

“We will protest with all force and not tolerate any onslaught on our constitutional rights,” he said. “This circular issued first was the first bold step taken by the government but as it is becoming evidently clear that Mufti Mohammad Sayeed for the lust of power has totally bowed down and BJP is virtually playing with the Constitution of J&K. This flag needed to be placed at least on Kashmir Houses located in Delhi, Chandigarh etc but now even efforts are to do away this also as a part of larger conspiracy.”

Engineer Rashid stated that Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh by stating that action will be taken against those who issued this circular is lasting and violating the constitutional paradigms.


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