Wedding Party Survives Food Poisoning, 60 Hospitalised

by Hilal Shah

SRINAGAR: On Thursday a marriage function turned into mourning after 60 people including bride and groom fell sick within hours after they had their Wazwaan feast at Mirnag (Haihama) in Kupwara. It was later revealed that they had food poisoning.

“We don’t know how it happened, it was our sister’s marriage on Saturday, July 29, and everything was going fine,” the bride, Qurat’s brother Javid Anzar said. “All of a sudden, some of the relatives started pain in his stomach and was feverish and soon we drove him to the Kupwara hospital.”

While the family was busy managing the first one, within minutes almost all the invited guests experienced the same crisis – pain in their stomach, headache and fever.

One of the family’s friend’s from a neighbouring village said though they had sent only two members to attend the function, all the eight members fell sick. They all were admitted to the same hospital. Most of them were vomiting and complaining of dysentery.

BMO Kupwara Dr Zaffar told Kashmir Life that 60 persons are under treatment in Kupwara hospital and all are stable. He said they all had food poisoning and had diarrhoea. “They will be fine soon,” he said.

Authorities have already collected the food samples.

Foods in high temperatures and humid situations start decaying quickly unless managed properly in freezers. It is more problematic with Wazwaan as all the preparations require a high temperature.



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