What A Waste Of Space: PHQ Has Only 298 Day Inmates



The epicenter of J&K government’s second most populous organization, the J&K police has quite a few inmates and a vast space. Located in posh Peerbagh, on the Airport Road, the multi-level complex has only 298 officials including 31 gazetted officers. It includes the police chief, the government informed state legislative council on Saturday.

The building constructed by its own Police Housing Corporation is used only for six months as the PHQ moves to Jammu where it has a similar imposing headquarters.

The house of elders was informed, in response to Congressman Ghulam Nabi Monga’s question that the officials operating from PHQ have Rs 1.63 crore as their monthly expenditure on salaries. Besides, an amount of Rs 6.66 lakh is the cost of their fuel which their vehicles valuing Rs 42 lakh cost.

Meanwhile, the government revealed that 2845 police personnel have so far been granted out of turn promotion for exceptional performance in counter-insurgency operations. Their names, however, were not disclosed.


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