What has NC Left to Make a Sell-Out? Asks PDP

KL Report


Reacting to former chief minister and NC working president Omar Abdullah’s assertions that PDP patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed made a “sell-out” to BJP, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chief spokesman Nayeem Akhtar alleged that the party (NC) has already made sell out of the state.

Talking to KNS Akhtar said, “What has NC left now to sell? They have sold out autonomy resolution. When (NC founder) Sheikh Abdullah took over in 1975 after burying the Plebiscite Front and sacrifices offered by his followers between 1953-1975, he sold them out. Immediately after that he (Sheikh Abdullah) gave the last remnant of autonomy by which state could make amendments to its Constitution, to president of India in lieu of power.”

Akhtar added “Then he (Abdullah) started to give power projects to the Center beginning with Salal. Farooq Abdullah gave seven power projects in lieu of employment to his son (Omar) during NDA government. He (Farooq) banned Shahtoosh and brought new laws like POTO.”

Trying to corroborate his allegations with figures, Akhtar said, “Omar gave another three power projects to NHPC and gave up the J&K Bank which was the last symbol of fiscal autonomy of the state when he became chief minister in 2009. Now they have not left anything there.”

“What we (PDP) are trying to do is to retrieve what they (NC) have given and sold out. We are committed to safeguard the interests of people of Jammu and Kashmiris,” he asserted.

On the allegations of Omar that PDP was playing a “drama” over government formation, when they it has already contested RS and LC polls in alliance with BJP, the PDP leader said, “We have done an open seat adjustment with BJP and we don’t deny that. In order to win as many seats from our limited number of MLAs we did so. But NC got Farooq Abdullah elected to RS (in 2009) with the support of BJP and in LC elections (2011) they received the votes from BJP MLA for which those MLAs were suspended by the BJP. That is what they (NC) did.”

“They had a under hand liaison with the BJP while we have entered in a seat adjustment which is done by all political parties,” he added.

On allegations that PDP gave entry to BJP in Kashmir when its candidate Yosuf Sofi won a LC seat, he said, “It is on the strength of their (BJP’s) 27 seats. When we had only 21 seats in the previous house we also got four members in the LC. Jammu continues to be part of J&K and if Omar Abdullah thinks Jammu isn’t part of the state then he needs to say it on record.”


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