What is our Fault? Cries SSM’s MTech 2018 Batch Students

SRINAGAR: The 2018 batch of post-graduate students of engineering selected through the University of Kashmir and enrolled in the SSM college of engineering are decrying unnecessary delay in the examinations. Calling it a grave violation of the rights of students, they allege “victimisation”.

“In last two years, the only first-semester exam was held but the result is still awaited,” said a delegation of the students to Kashmir Life on phone. The students said their batch mates who got their admissions through the same entrance but were allotted different campuses are in their 4th semesters.

Another student in the same college said the last two years have been very stressful. “We were selected by the Kashmir University through entrance test and were allotted SSM college. All of us have Gate scorecards then why this discrimination,” said the students.

He added, “Our exam papers were also different than NIT and IIT’s. In addition to that, we have the highest number of papers throughout the course when compared to M tech of different Universities or IIT’s or NIT’s.” Another student added, “Our course and syllabus was also changed after studying it for one year. They changed it from Thermal to general mechanical.”

They also alleged that the recently issued UGC guidelines for PG exams still not implemented in their college.

When recently the Universities came up with their examination notifications, these students claim they are waiting for it from last 15 days now. “When we contacted the authorities for our examination they said to wait till June 4. But so far nothing has come out officially,” said the students.

Meanwhile when contacted prof Muzaffar Andrabi, the dean of engineering at KU, he said denied any discrimination with the students of private colleges and the different (south and North) campuses of KU.“Whenever the SSM college completes their course they contact KU for conducting the exams. Last time they were scheduled to have to their exam in February but the students asked to delay it up to March but then there was pandemic and it got further delayed. We have now come up with the dates and their exams will be held from June 25.”


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