What Stops Modi In Airlifting Heavy Duty Pumps To Kashmir:ANC

KL Report


What is stopping the Prime Minister in Airlifting as many heavy duty pumps as required on a war footing to drain out stagnant flood waters from Kashmir ? The urgent need  in flood ravaged Kashmir is of heavy duty dewatering pumps to drain out waterlogging in   habitant     areas as the water levels is still at 4 to 6 feet,” said senior Vice President Muzzafar Shah in New Delhi today, after remaining trapped in flood area for eight days,  said  besides sending the heavy duty pumps the centre government should supply specalized   medicines which are in short or not even available  .

He said, G M Shah Foundation  is committed to  dispatch of Critical/ specialised medical supplies and  relief material in the flood affected  areas .

Shah stated the distributions will be from the camps, being set up  in all flood affected district headquarters in the coming week. He further appealed to all political outfits to focus on rebuilding,reconstructions, Medical health rather than getting involved in mudslinging and cheap political gimmicks for cheap political mileage. It is time to shun such practices when the people are shattered and in despair,  which are in   thousands  and without  shelter under their heads. “I can relalize the pain and suffer bacause  I too have lost my shelter” said   Muzzafar shah.

The massive destruction of this unimaginable magatitude can only be met by a unified voice, firm determination and with strong  conviction, specified goals and targets to be met under strict time bound action plan. “Politicians, please stop dividing this already fragile society on the basis of regions, regionalism, urban & city divide suiting your narrow agendas without caring for your people,”  Shah said.


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