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National Conference Additional General Secretary Sheikh Mustafa Kamal Friday refuted the reports that he like his brother Farooq Abdullah is not willing to contest forth coming Assembly elections.

“I don’t know who spread such rumours and whose hands are behind in maligning the image of our party. It is up to the party high command to select a candidate and there is no question of personal choice,” Kamal told CNS adding that the report about him published in a section of media is far from truth.

When asked whether he will contest elections from Hazratbal constituency, Kamal said that let us see what happens. “National Conference is not the party of any individual. It is the panel, which selects the candidates. Whatever, party high command demands from me, I will oblige,” he said.

He refuted the reports that he has conveyed to party high command that he will not contest forth-coming Assembly elections.


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