Why don’t you book those under PSA who burnt Church and damaged Public property: Er Rasheed


Independent lawmaker and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Thursday have demanded an immediate arrest of the accused persons who burned the church and desecrated the dead body of Seema Devi.

 The spokesman said that the incident should be seen in the larger scenario of what is happening in entire India and how minorities are being forced to live like second class citizens.

The spokesman quoted the Rasheed saying “does the administration have guts to book those miscreants of RSS, Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena under PSA  in Noushera who resorted to heavy stone pelting, damaged public properties and even dared to burn the church.”

He said that People have a right to know how come were the fanatic goons allowed to snatch and drag the dead body of Seema Devi and kept on the road for hours together only to exploit the religious sentiment of a community.

Rasheed expressed surprise over the shameless silence of political parties and top rank police cops and accused that the miscreants and religious fanatic forces of a particular community of having the full patronage of Civil and Police administration besides that of the BJP.

 Rasheed appealed minority commission of India and human rights organizations to look into the matter and ensure that the goons are taken to task without further delay.


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