Wild boars resurface in Kashmir


Wild boars — non-native animal to Kashmir — have resurfaced in the Valley and created scare in the localities surrounding the Dachigam National Park in Srinagar, reported The Tribune.

A file picture of wild boars

Officials said nearly 30 wild boars had been present in the Dachigam National Park for the past few years.

“The government has never made any attempt to conduct a census of wild boars. We don’t have the exact number of wild boars present in Kashmir but there have been multiple sightings of wild boars in Kashmir in the past few years,” The Tribune quoted an official of the Wildlife Department as having said.

Locals in Theed, Nishat and other adjoining areas of the Dachigam National Park said the wild boars were entering their houses, creating scare among them.

They took up the issue with the authorities during a recently held Back to Village programme where officials approved the construction of a concrete wall around the park.

“We have constructed a concrete wall around the Dachigam park to prevent wild boars from entering into the residential areas,” The Tribune quoted an official as saying, who held the Back to Village programme in the area. Officials said wild boars were brought to Kashmir by erstwhile ruler Maharaja Gulab Singh for game hunting.

According to the State Wildlife Department, the species was considered locally extinct and has not been sighted in the Dachigam park and its adjoining areas since 1984.

“The recent sightings of wild boars in Dachigam after a gap of over 30 years, however, prove that they still survive in Kashmir,” The Tribune quoted the Wildlife Department official as saying.


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