Will Break Terror Backbone To Realise Prosperous Kashmir Dream, PM In Srinagar


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said while following Vajpayee dream of a prosperous Kashmir, the government will do anything and everything possible. He said the back of terrorism will be broken to build a peaceful and prosperous Kashmir.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

“We will tackle every terrorist in a befitting way. We will break the backbone of terror in Jammu and Kashmir and fight it with all our might,” Prime Minister Modi said. “The surgical strike has already conveyed to the world India’s policy and we will break the back of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.” He said the youth in Kashmir are seeking peace but they are being pushed to terrorism.

Invoking Vajpayee, whose dreams, he said, he has inherited, Modi said will be realised. “There is no going back on that dream of peaceful and prosperous Kashmir,” he said. “We will do everything that is required for that.”

Prime Minister Modi paid his respects to Aurangzeb and Nazir Ahmad Wani, two soldiers who were killed in two separate incidents. He said they were heroes who gave their life for the peace and for national unity. They were given highest awards posthumously and the Prime Minister said the youth are looking towards them as their heroes.

“I pay my tribute to martyr Nazir Ahmad Wani and all other brave soldiers who sacrificed themselves to protect the nation and maintain peace.” Prime Minister said. “Nazir Ahmad Wani was awarded Ashoka Chakra. Youth like him show the youth of J&K and the entire country to live for the nation.”

Talking about the migrant Kashmiri Pandits, Prime Minister said that Kashmiryat suggests that they must return with dignity to the places where they owned their homes, their lands and where the memories of their ancestors are. With the help of the state government, Modi said, they are building transit accommodations at Vessu (Qazigund), Singh Pora (Pattan) as he laid the foundation stones for two clusters of flats in Ganderbal and Bandipore. “We will have to provide the shelter to anybody who is willing to return home,” Modi said. He said under the package that he announced earlier, some people have been given jobs.

Prime Minister was happy that the state government held elections in which the people reposed their trust in the democracy despite threats. He said people in huge numbers participated in the polls.

Modi also complimented the state for emerging the first state in India where open defecation is over and where all households are electrified and where every village gets tapped water. He mentioned the power sector in which efforts are being made to improve the generation and the transmission. “The water on which we have a right was flowing down uselessly,” Prime Minister said. “Now every drop of it will be used for the benefit of the state and various power projects have started.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of a major transit accommodation for the Kashmir Pandits who are serving in Kashmir. This is part of the Prime Minister’s Special Package that he had earlier announced under which 6000 Kashmiri Pandits were accommodated in the state government.

The major accommodation will be set up at Wandhama where 192 flats are being constructed. Another block will be in Bandipore where 480 flats will be set up. A total of 600 flats are being set up at a cost of Rs 920 crore. Every flat will have a bedroom, a living room and kitchen covering a total of 601.25 sq ft.

Prime Minister Modi also inaugurated an 85-seater Rural BPO that was set up in Bandipore. Officials at the inauguration claimed it will get jobs for 300 people and train 600 youth in a year. The film that was shown on the occasion, however, said it will create 215 jobs.

On this occasion, Prime Minister also inaugurated a multipurpose indoor sports facility which was set up at Sehpora Ganderbal. It would cost four crore rupees. This centre would come up in every district.

In the health sector, Prime Minister laid the foundation stone of AIIMS at Awantipore. Being set up on 221 acres of land that state government has contributed, the 750-bed hospital would cost Rs 1828 crore and would be ready by 2025. It will have 30 trauma beds, 75 ICU and 18 specialities. Besides, it would have a 100 seat medical college and 60 seat nursing college.

The Prime Minister also inaugurated – many months after its operations started, the 400 kV double circuit NRSS-29 transmission line that was implemented by Sterlite power at a cost of Rs 3000 crore liking Punjab with Sopore. This is a major investment in the power transmission system. Implementers said they used heli-cranes to reduce the implementation period.

The other project that was formally inaugurated included the total electrification project under which 3.57 lakh households were connected to the electric lines at a cost of Rs 1033 crore. The state completed the project more than two quarters ahead of the deadline in October 2018. Under RUSA, the Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for three model colleges in Jammu and Kashmir. For Jammu University a special entrepreneurship cell was inaugurated which would cost Rs 15 crore.


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