Will carry out ‘effective area domination’ where political activists reside: IG CRPF


Amid attacks on political workers in southern parts of Kashmir, Inspector General of CRPF on Monday said the attacks marked the “frustration” of militants due to the recent “successes” which the forces had achieved against them.

“The successes which the security forces have achieved in the recent past in our joint operations have led to the control on militancy to a large extent. However, with this, there is also frustration among militants which is why they attack vulnerable people who are without security,” the IG, Ravideep Singh told reporters at Pulwama.

“Whatever is happening is because of their frustration. Otherwise, the operations of the forces in the last few months have been very successful and a lot of militant commanders have been eliminated. There has been a good coordination with the JKP and RR,” he added.

In the past eight days, militants have lobbed grenades at the residences of two PDP legislators in southern Kashmir and have also ransacked houses of half a dozen political workers, mostly from the ruling party. The attacks have triggered fear among political workers. The CRPF IG said effective patrolling would be done in areas where political activists reside.

“There is personal security and there is area domination in general, like patrolling, foot patrolling which is done by the CRPF, police and the Army. This is what will be our objective. We will carry out effective area domination where political activists reside,” he said.


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