Will Implement ‘Agenda of Alliance’ after Government Formation: BJP




Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) politician Ramesh Arora Thursday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi always called for “speedy implementation” of ‘Agenda of Alliance’ in Jammu and Kashmir and the party has always made it clear that it will “never backtrack from promises” that it made with its erstwhile coalition partner People’s Democratic Party.

Arora was reacting to the remarks made by PDP member Naeem Akhtar who said that his party expects concrete action on an “agenda for the governance” agreed upon last year to continue an alliance with BJP in Jammu and Kashmir.

Arora told CNS that there are some “major issues” in ‘Agenda of Alliance’ and PDP wants their “earlier implementation”. “The PDP-BJP Government did not complete a year in the office. With the passage of time all the points mentioned in the agenda will be implemented in letter and spirit if both the parties will form the government in the state.”


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