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Dukhtaran-e-Millat chairperson Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi Saturday said that BJP wants to change the demographic character of the Jammu and Kashmir and to succeed in their plan, the BJP led government has already made its preparation to settle the refugees in Kashmir.

In a statement to CNS, Aasiya Andrabi termed the recommendations of the BJP government to settle the refugees in Jammu and Kashmir as unrealistic and dictatorial. She said that such decision is totally unrealistic as far as the historical perspective of Kashmir issue is concerned.

“Since 1947 for the settlement  of these  refugees  a Joint  rehabilitation board was set  up under  sheikh  Abdullah in which it was decided  that  the migrant Hindus from 1508 villages of Azad Kashmir will be settled in 14 tehsils  of jammu. Each family will be provided 0.8 acres of irrigated land and 12 acres of un-irrigated land. That summed up to a total of 7, 15, 545 Kanals of land. Further, it was decided that all the families will be Provided Rs 22 crore sixty lakhs as relief. Thus, rehabilitation was done at that time. But RSS  in 1994  again  racked  up this issue and  meeting  of the relief  and  rehabilation Department was held  under the then Additional  Secretary. In the meeting  it was established  that since 1981 only 500  families  of refugees  needed  to be rehabilitated and out of these only 116 were found to be genuine who  were  then settled  in Patoli  and Jammu,” the statement reads.

Aasiya Andrabi said that given the facts that the issue pertaining to rehabilitation of refugees has already been settled, Kashmiri people can’t act as mute spectators and they will raise their voice in unison against the nefarious designs of RSS backed BJP.

She asked RSS to settle these refugees in some other part of India, if it is so worried about them.

“We will never allow Kashmir to be transformed into another Palestine. They (RSS backed BJP) have settled  so many non state subjects  in Jammu Kashmir  till now but  now they  want   to give it a legal  cover so that Muslim  majority  status of the state can be negated,” she said adding that the rallies  held  for the rights of these refugees were  organized  by RSS.

She appealed all the Pro-freedom parties, Bar Association and common Muslim masses  to stand  up against this issue. “If BJP’s anti Muslim  policy  cannot  unite  us then we should be prepared  for a future  like that of Palestine,” she warned.


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