SRINAGAR: Sandeep Mawa whose salesman was killed on Monday has said his family is scared but will not leave Kashmir.

Roshan Mawa talked to reporters after his shop at Zaina Kadal was thrown open formally on May 1, 2019. Mawa survived an attack in October 1990 following which he migrated. His son convinced him to return home

“I will not leave (Kashmir) and be silenced by the gun,” asserts Dr Sandeep Mawa, whose salesman Ibrahim Khan was shot dead by suspected militants in Srinagar on Monday evening.

“I have an XUV (vehicle). I got a call around 3 in the afternoon from the police that I could be targeted. So, I left home in my small car. Ibrahim (Khan) went to take my XUV from the store around 8 pm. The militant was lurking there in the dark. He thought it was me and pumped four bullets in him (Khan),” Mawa was quoted saying to a news channel, according to local news gatherer, KINS.

Mawa said Khan’s killer was lurking in the Borikadal area where they have their business. Another employee said he saw the firing.

Ibrahim Khan, 45, of Bandipore district, who was working as a salesman at Mawa’s shop, is survived by his parents, wife, a daughter and a son. Mawa said Ibrahim was working with him for the last 15 years. “I don’t know how to face his family. It feels as if I am responsible for his death,” Mawa said.

Mawa’s father Roshan Lal, a businessman, was shot at by militants in the 1990s forcing the family to migrate to Jammu and Delhi. They returned home in 2019. “My father is in Delhi. I am in Srinagar with my wife and two children. They are very scared after the latest incident but I am trying to convince them. I will not leave Kashmir,” Mawa asserted.

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