Withdraw unjust J&K domicile law, evolve robust safeguard mechanism: Rana


National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana on Friday described Jammu and Kashmir Domicile Law as unjust and betrayal with educated unemployed youth here, saying this should be withdrawn forthwith to pave the way for widespread consultations with all the stakeholders to evolve a robust safeguard mechanism in the larger interests of the bonafide locals.

NC provincial president Jammu Devender Singh Rana

“All political parties should rise above politics and commit themselves to the just cause of our youth and speak against the law in one voice”, Mr Rana said in a statement.

He said the law in its present form is disastrous for the youth of J&K in general and those in Jammu in particular, who may have to face the main brunt with jobs going to outsiders.

“Our youth are second to none and have proven their worth in various national level competitive exams but when it comes to jobs, it should be understood that those coming from far-off areas or belonging to weaker sections, scheduled castes and tribes, the level playfield is not the same as elsewhere in the country due to poor infrastructure and education system,” the Provincial President said, asking if a special provision could be envisaged in various states like Himachal Pradesh and North East with regard to exclusive rights of local youth overall category of jobs why the same is being denied to J&K youth. The avoidable deprivation could lead to alienation of youth, irrespective of region, religion or caste, he cautioned, saying the bonafide residents are feeling terribly let down and betrayed beyond imagination.

Rana also referred to the timing of the announcement of the new law and said the people, grappling with the pandemic of corona virus like other parts of the country and the world, are shell shocked and dumb stuck over the insensitive, illogical and irresponsible move, which has bellied all their hopes, especially in the backdrop of assurances held out and promises made by central leaders from time to time in recent months.  What could be more irony than that those looking for special dispensation to overcome the burgeoning unemployment problem in Jammu and Kashmir are finding themselves pushed to the wall and nowhere to go, he said and urged the Centre to revisit the law in deference of the overwhelming wishes of the people.

He questioned the rationale behind opening the jobs for outsiders when the local youth were struggling for sustenance in the wake of meagre job avenues available here in the absence of organised corporate sector and big business houses. The new law will snatch their only hope with outsiders usurping the already scarce jobs at the cost of their survival, he said, adding that the youth of Jammu will be worst sufferers.

The Provincial President said the people across Jammu are particularly worried about this measure, wondering as to whether they deserved all this, after having been stripped off the status of the state, a proud legacy bequeathed by Maharaja Gulab Singh to the posterity.

Rana also regretted over restrictions being imposed on the agitated youth, who want to give vent to their anger and anxieties in a democratic and peaceful manner.

“This is against the democratic ethos of young India where youth have every right to express themselves and raise their legitimate issues freely and fearlessly within parameters of the constitution,” he said, hoping the Centre will respect and respond to the genuine concerns of the youth, who are undergoing a spell of unease after the promulgation of the unjust domicile notification.


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