Woman Delivers Triplet at Srinagar Hospital




A woman had safely delivered a triplet in a private hospital in Srinagar, bringing the parents of the babies a relishing joy.

Neelofar Zahoor of Dalgate here delivered the triplet at Florence hospital here under the observation and treatment of gynecologist Dr Asmat Suhail.

“Neelofar was under my observation during her pregnancy, she was operated on Tuesday and the caesarean was successful. Her three babies, a son and two daughters are safe and alright,” Dr Asmat told KNS.

She said that Neelofar’s two babies had died before, and the parents were joyous after the delivery of the triplet.

“I am thankful to Almighty Allah and we performed the surgery safely and successfully. Such surgeries are very rare with less success rate,” Dr Asmat said, adding that these kind of surgeries need lot of care to save the precious lives.

The parents of the three infants said that they are thankful to Almighty Allah for bestowing them with kids. “It is Allah’s mercy, and Dr Asmat’s extra-observation and treatment that the kids are safe. We are thrilled,” the parents said.


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