SAR Geelani, Kashmiri Students Will Be Made Scapegoats, Geelani Says



Ailing Syed Ali Geelani is in New Delhi these days for health check up.
Ailing Syed Ali Geelani is in New Delhi these days for health check up.

Strongly condemning the registration of false and fabricated case against the Kashmiri scholar Prof SAR Geelani, hounding and harassment of Kashmiri students and the assault over the JNU students union president Kanhaiya Kumar in the Delhi court premises, chairman Hurriyat (G) Syed Ali Geelani expressed his apprehensions that the SAR Geelani and the other Kashmiri students will be made scapegoats and the Delhi police on the directions of RSS have made the lives of the Kashmiri students as hell.

He cautioned that if the SAR Geelani and other arrested people are not released forthwith and the harassment of the Kashmiri students does not stop, we will call for protest in Kashmir against that and it will have serious consequences.

In a statement issued from New Delhi, Geelani expressed his deep concern and anguish over the growing intolerance in India and said that this country is day by day becoming unsafe for living for the minorities and the lower caste Hindus and their lives, property and their dignity is in acute danger.

Geelani said that do or die like situations are being created for the poor and weak people and the Hindu fascist forces are following the policies of Georg W Bush that “remain with us or you will be declared as enemy”. The pro-freedom leader of Kashmir expressed his deep concern and anguish over the slapping of sedition charges against the former DU professor SAR Geelani and said that the Indian government is hatching a conspiring to detain him in jail for his entire life.

They have already formulated a plot to trap him and this work was performed by the students of right wing Hindu organization ABVP from press club to JNU.

Hurriyat (G) Chairman also expressed his anguish over the crackdown of the Delhi police against the Kashmiri students and said that the Delhi police is openly playing a biased role in this regard and they are looking every Kashmiri with suspicious eyes. This situation has created the atmosphere of fear and harassment among the Kashmiri students and they are feeling unsafe there.

Geelani however cautioned that if this process continued, the Kashmiri nation will not remain silent over this and we will take every possible action for the safety of our children.

While demanding rollback of all the charges against the SAR Geelani, his release and close down the harassment process of the Kashmiri students, Geelani said “otherwise it will have a serious reaction in the state and after consulting the entire pro-freedom camp, we will announce a protest calendar against this”.


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