Women are discriminated in J&K,: Modi’s ‘Lalkar’

Asif Iqbal Naik


Referring to early days of his politics, BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate and Gujrat Chief Minister Narendra Modi Sunday said that Gujjar community who now resides in Jammu and Kashmir actually belongs to Gujrat.

While lauding the Dogra ruler Maharaja Hari Singh, Modi said the state would have been far better if the Maharaja would have been in power. He said that he played an important role in eradication of untouchability.

Drawing comparisons, Modi said as compared to Jawahar Lal Nehru, the founder of RSS  Shama Prasad Mukherjee had far better thinking for Jammu and Kashmir. Expressing his feelings, he said that he feel immense pleasure to be in J&K but at the same time said that it make him to remember sacrifices of Mukherjee.

During his speech, he also lauded role of Pandit Prem Nath Dogra, Maj Bikram Singh, Maqbol, Abdul Hamid and several others who he said, “sacrificed  their lives in protecting sovereignty of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Modi also was all praises for security agencies operating in Jammu and Kashmir.

Coming down heavily on congress, Modi said that Congress party is in deep slumber and failed to protect the sovereignty of country.

He said it was silence of Congress government that two India nationals were ‘murdered’ in jails of Pakistan.

“In case the Congress government would have reacted strongly towards the killing of Chamail Singh, Sarabjeet Singh might be alive today,” he said.

Modi while commenting about article 370 said that Congress is using it to protect themselves from answering public questions.  He demanded an open discussion on 370, “ weather we have achieved any progressive from this or not.”

Not only present congress leadership, Modi  targeted  Nehru for his remark that “with the passage of time 370 will get diluted.”

“Whether they will rectify this mistake by abolishing it,” he asked and further added “weather the laws passed by the Congress government are applicable in J and K.” He also supported empowerment of Panchayats in J&K.

Terming article 370 as a toll to dent people their rights, Modi said. “people of J&K too have the right of empowerment which is being denied to them due to 370.”

He said that whole India has raised its concern over growing corruption in country and J&K is not new in this front. He said that despite corruption,  government in J&K  fails to implement corruption laws in state.

While targeting separatists, he  said that with promotion of separatism, only few families got benefited while majority of people have been denied the rights.

About his Jammu visit, Modi said that he had come  to talk about 1.25 cr people of J&K and not that of Hindus and Muslims.  He said that women lack equal share and rights in J&K.

He said that Omar and his sister Sara, who married outside the state did not share equal rights.  He said that the time has come to think positively and added that those who demanded separate state of Jammu bring only destruction and nothing else.  He said that instead of thinking about separate state they must demand for super state.

He said that he will fullfil the dream of Vajpayee to make JK a super state. He said that political leadership of the state makes J&K a begging state.

Advocating for the rights of various communities, Modi said that there is dual policy of  with Gujjars,  Shias and Bakerwals. He also added that  J&K government did injustice with Ladakh and Jammu and asked the people to raise voice jointly in this regard.

He said that J&K government is not sincere towards development.  He said that despite having wide scope of Ayaurvedic and herbal medicans, JK government fails to tape this potential. He said that tourism is vanishing in JK and is shifting towards HP. He said that unemployment is increasing in the state with each passing day.

Talking about  movies in Kashmir, he said that Kashmir was once known for film shooting,  “now the same also started vanishing.”

He lamented bollywood of not  celebrating 100 years of bollywood in J&K.

He said that in order to lure bollywood,  government must construct film studio in Srinagar. He said that youth are being pushed towards darkness by the government. He said that Vajpayee is the first PM in 15 years who visit the J and K. He said that Vajpayee suggested three points in J&K includes Insanyat… Jumuyat and Kashmiriyat.

He questioned that that if there are  IIT’s and IMM’s in other parts of the country than why not in JK. He said that nation was in grip of non performer who fails to derail the progress of the nation. He said that even though the languages different, states different, societies different, but nation is one.

Challenging people who he claims divide the people, Modi said, “I warn those people from this lalkar rally today who want to divide people”. He further said that said that the religion of the every government should be patriotism and Indian constitution.

He said that BJP is moving forward with this slogan, “from Kanya Kumari to Kashmir is one.

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