Yasin Malik condemns killing of Pulwama youth



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Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik while condemning the killing of Fayaz Ahmed in Pulwama, said that Jammu Kashmir is a police state where killing innocent humans is normal for the government forces.

The spokesman in a statement termed the ongoing military crackdown and spree of Killings in entire Kashmir especially the southern districts of Kashmir as a well-strategized policy of the state, JKLF chairman said that Jammu Kashmir is a police state where killing humans is a normal affair and no matter who runs the state affairs is deployed only to Kill, maim and target Kashmiris.

He said that today dozens of villages in Pulwama were besieged by government forces and beating people, vandalizing their properties, humiliating honorable citizens was started as a matter of routine. During this crackdown, one more Kashmiri youth Fayaz Ahmad of Chewa Kalan Pulwama was killed and many sustained injuries.

He said that crackdowns have become a daily routine and during these military operations, beating common people without the discrimination of age and gender, arresting, torturing and humiliating innocents, vandalizing and destroying properties, blasting and burning down residential houses and private vehicles has increased at an alarming proportion.

Meanwhile, JKLF Chairman has expressed his heartfelt grief and sorrow over the demise of the mother of senior resistance leader General Moosa.


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