Yasin Malik terms ‘Kashmir struggle a continuation of Karbala’


Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik while addressing a Muharram congregation at Basant Bagh GawKadal on Thursday said that Imam-I-Hussain (RA) and his family strived for a righteous cause and sacrificed their lives for it in a barren land of Karbala.

The spokesman said that Hussain (RA) represents resilience, courage, and steadfastness and identifies him with the subjugated ones. Hussain reached Karbala with a few unarmed people and sacrificed his life and family for the Deen of his grandfather Hazrat Mohammad (SAW).  He became a martyr but wrote a glorious page of Islamic history that will always remain a source of inspiration for all those who stand against tyranny and oppression.

JKLF chairman said that the struggle in Kashmir is also the struggle of the oppressed and hence a continuation of Karbala. He said that the government in Kashmir is killing, maiming, incarcerating, humiliating and vandalizing Kashmiris. “India time and again plays election Dramas and tries to hoodwink international opinion in the name of democracy. We all should adhere to the principle ‘No election till right to self-determination’ and refrain from participating in any such process that is helping our oppressors.

Meanwhile, the spokesman added that Police have arrested JKLF district president Ganderbal Bashir Ahmad Rather (Boya). JKLF chairman while condemning this arrest has said that this is unacceptable in all respects. He said that Bashir Boya has been arrested for not attending court and from last seven days is being kept incarcerated at the police station.


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