Your son knows everything about Guru’s execution: RK Sing to Farooq

KL Report


Former Home Secretary of India, R.K.Singh Monday said that it is habit of National Conference patron Dr Farooq Abdullah to talk without any reason. “I advice him (Farooq Abdullah) to talk to his son Omar Abdullah if he so interested in Afzal Guroo’s execution and his son would tell him details whether he was informed or not,” Singh said adding that it would be better for Farooq Abdullah to seek details about Guroo’s execution from his son Omar Abdullah.

“Please tell Farooq Abdullah to talk to his Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and Omar Abdullah and find out the details about the Muhammad Afzal Guroo’s execution,” Singh said.

Former Home Secretary R.K.Singh said that he is dead sure that if Farooq Abdullah would consult his son then he would never talk about this execution in future. “My simple submission to him is to seek details from his son Omar Abdullah and if he would do it (rather I should say his son would have already informed him) he would never talk about Afzal Guroo and would never raise finger on me,” he said.

He further said that it is really astonishing that despite knowing the fact, Farooq Abdullah talks something which one can’t digest. “It is not new for Farooq Abdullah to accuse anyone as he is habitual of talking in air without knowing the facts,” Singh said.

Pertinently, Dr Farooq had said that Afzal Guru’s execution was a handiwork of then Home Secretary, R K Singh and Singh did not inform PMs from J&K about Guru’s execution.

Parliament attack convict, Guru was hanged in Tihar Jail on February, 9, 2013.


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