Youth To Lead Movement For Change In 2014: Mehbooba

KL Report


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) President Mehbooba Mufti Sunday said the youth are emerging as the party’s greatest strength as they see their aspirations and just concerns being adequately accommodated in PDP’s pro-people agenda. She said with youth on the forefront of the new movement, winds of change have already started blowing from Lakhanpur to Salamabad and it would fructify in 2014.

“The State’s youth have to play a crucial role in shaping up politically emancipated and economically vibrant future for Jammu and Kashmir and they see PDP as the most appropriate platform to realize that dream,” Mehbooba said while addressing a party workers’ convention in Chrar-e-Sharif area on Sunday.

She said the youth of Jammu and Kashmir have great expectations with PDP as the party has represented their just concerns and aspirations in a dignified manner. “’The youth are our party’s great strength,” she said and added that PDP will safeguard their interests at whatever level.

Mehbooba said PDP is the only party in the State which has a separate vision document for the youth “The Youth Development Policy” that encompasses various measures for political, social and economic empowerment of the youth. “The more than two decade long turmoil has not only made the State’s youth to suffer immensely, but also deprived them of the fruits of globalization and economic liberalization that swept the region during that period,” she said.

PDP President said the time had come when the youth of Jammu and Kashmir must also become the beneficiaries of the region’s fast expanding economy.

She said the disappointment among the youth with the functioning of the present regime is that it seems to be at war with everyone except corruption and misgovernance. “While the promises of Sadak, Paani, Bijli and Rozgaar have fallen flat, scandals, corruption, crime, nepotism are ruling the roost,” she said and added that the people who have been engaged for years are being kicked out to pave the way for backdoor appointments against monetary considerations.

Mehbooba said extremely fed-up with the non-performance of the present regime, people across the State are yearning for a change and it is heartening to see that the youth are on the forefront of this new political movement for change. “The winds of change have already started blowing from Lakhanpur to Salamabad and this movement for change would be taken to logical conclusion in 2014,” she said and added that the dubious role of state government in Muhammad Afzal Guru’s execution and now in Pakistani prisoner Sanaullah’s death has further eroded the credibility of this regime.


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