Zubin will start with ‘Tribute to Kashmir’

KL Report


Despite the opposition from separatist camp, preparations are on in full swing for the ‘Ehsaas-e-Kashmir’ (Feel of Kashmir) music concert featuring world renowned music conductor Zubin Mehta on Saturday September 7.

Mehta’s Bavarian orchestra will conduct a composition of Abhay Rustom Sopori, a santoor player, before he gets on with his orchestra.  Sopori’s composition would have the theme ‘Tribute to Kashmir’.

German Ambassador to India Michael Steiner, who is hosting the concert before a specially-invited audience of 1,500 guests, is camping to oversee the preparations for the event to be held in the famous Shalimar Garden built by Mughal Emperor Jehangir.

Steiner visited the venue where he was briefed about the security measures being put in place.

Mehta will share dias with several local musicians even as the parallel concert called ‘Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir’ (Reality of Kashmir) to project the alleged human rights violations in Kashmir will be held not far away from Shalimar Garden.

The separatist camp claims that holding of Mehta’s concert in a ‘conflict zone’ will affect the nature of Kashmir dispute.

Steiner was shown around the venue and briefed about the access control and other measures. He also inspected the podium where Mehta and his 100-strong Orchestra will perform.


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