SRINAGAR: Around 1000 persons including 500 students are onboard the Special Shramik Train which left Pune for Udhampur 7.00 pm this evening.

Volunteers distribute water and other food items among stranded passengers.

50 student volunteers have been trained by local medicos in Pune to tackle any medical or other health issues onboard during the 40-hour long journey from Pune to Udhampur.

This is the second Shramik Train deployed for bringing back J&K residents from Maharashtra.

Earlier, around 1000 J&K residents, including 400 students, were evacuated by a Special Shramik Train from Nagpur on 14th May 2020.

The total number of J&K residents evacuated till date from Maharashtra has touched 2000.

There are now around 1300 left-over J&K residents, including 20 CA patients & 200 students, stranded in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and other adjoining areas of Maharashtra.

From the Western States, 1800 persons, including 17 students, were evacuated from Goa by two Special Shramik Trains on May 10 and 12.


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