120, 000 people suffer from mental disorder in Kashmir: Experts

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Mutahida Majlis Ulema (MMU), an amalgam of religious scholars of Kashmir led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Sunday held threadbare deliberations over the growing immorality, drug abuse and other social evils in Kashmir.

The seminar witnessed participation of more than 300 religious clerics, leading social activists and physiologists of valley.

Quoting the figures over the growing immorality and drug abuse in the society, the subject experts stated that there are more than 60,000 cases of drug addiction reported from valley and the number of people suffering from depression is 1,20,000.

Experts while taking everyone by surprise claimed that according to UNO report, in 1987- there were 17000 cases of drug abuse in valley while as the number has jumped to 100000 in 2008. In 2012, the number was 1,20,000.

Experts also stated that due to the growing drug menace in Kashmir society, the suicidal trends are touching soaring every day.

During his address, Mirwaiz said that besides striving for the settlement of Kashmir issue, the serious situation that is emerging due to growing drug menace in valley cannot be undermined.

“Alcohol and drug addiction has become order of the day in our society and the same needs serious remedial measures,” said the Huriyat (M) chairman. He added that it is not the time to deliver lectures about the growing immoral activities in Kashmir but the need of the hour is to act on the ground.

“There must be individual and collective efforts for the eradication of drug addiction and growing crimes here.”

Mirwaiz while cautioning parents about the outcome of the situation if not stopped at an earliest said that the way parents show concern in equipping children with modern education;  moral and religious values must be prioritized so that they could see a better society in future.

Mirwaiz also asked religious clerics to play important role in eradication of drug menace from valley. He said that mosques must play a vital role in making people aware about the dangerous trends in the society at large.


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