160 Students Appear In J&K YF’s Annual Moral Science Test

KL Report


More than 160 students including 56 female candidates appeared in the J&K Yateem Foundation’s 4th Annual Moral Science Test, held at Kashmir Government Polytechnic Gogji Bagh in Srinagar. In addition, over Five Lac rupees were distributed among HESP students as part of 2nd installment of scholarship.

The test is a part of activities under Higher Education Scholarship Programme (HESP) aimed at encouraging poor, needy & deserving meritorious students to excel in academic & co-curricular fields.

Out of 149 male candidates registered under HESP General Category, 103 appeared and 04 candidates out of 12 male HESP Professional candidates appeared in the test. Similarly, 51 out of 68 registered HESP General female candidates and 05 out of 10 female HESP Professional candidates appeared in the test.
As per a statement cheques amounting to Rs 3000/ each were distributed among  HESP General Category candidates amounting to Rs 4,62,000/- (Rupees Four Lac Sixty Two Thousand) and the students in HESP Professional Category were provided Rs.5000/- per candidate amounting to Rs 45,000/- (Rupees Forty Five Thousand), as 2nd installment of yearly scholarship.

The total number of scholarships for the year 2012 in Kashmir Division is 60 @ Rs. 5000/- per annum per candidate which would involve yearly expenditure of 3 lacs.



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