17 years on, Aishmuqam shopping complex awaits completion

by Baba Nadeem


Even after 17 years since the work was started on it, the shopping complex in Aishmuqam area of south Kashmir’s Anantnag district waits to be completed, the residents claimed.

17 years on, Aishmuqam shopping complex awaits completion. KL Image by Baba Nadeem

People of Aishmuqam and adjacent areas while ruing the delay, said that Pahalgam development has failed to complete the construction of the shopping complex from the past 17 years.

“The construction of the commercial shopping complex was started by the Pahalgam development authority in the year 2003 with much enthusiasm, however despite the passage of 17 years the project is awaiting completion,” said locals.

“PDC hasn’t only failed to complete the construction of a shopping complex but they have also failed to maintain it as well,” they alleged.

“The shopkeeper’s at Aishmuqam who got dislocated were asked to deposit subsidized cost of Rs 50,000 for each shop and even 20 shopkeepers among them have the deposited contributory amount,” said a shopkeeper.

He said that the condition of a shopping complex in Aishmuqam is deteriorating day by day and most of the shops are without shutters and roof, as a result, of the rains and snow over these years have deteriorated the condition of the shopping complex.

“Residents of Aishmuqam village have started using these shops for dumping cow dung from several years,” he added.

Locals however alleged that the shopping complex was facing official apathy and a huge amount was wasted for nothing.

“We have serious objections over the design of this shopping complex, our only demand is that the middle row of the shopping complex be demolished so that the complex gets enough parking facility”, locals told Kashmir Life, adding that a vast amount of Rs 2 crore was spent on the construction of shopping complex.

On being contacted by Kashmir Life,  an official from Pahalgam Development Authority (PDA), said that the work on the shopping complex at Aishmuqam was stopped in 2008 after local residents raised objections.

He said that redesigning of shopping complex needs 1.50 crore and the government hasn’t yet approved the proposal.


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