19 Rooms Being Added To Kashmir House Delhi: Bukhari

KL Report


Public Works Minister M Altaf Bukhari has instructed the Kashmir House officials to obtain permission from New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) for extension of Block-c of the complex adding that extension of the block would add additional accommodation of 18 rooms in the block for visitors. He reviewed the repairs and took stock of the state of the property along with officials on Saturday.

Bukhari said that the existing accommodation was insufficient to cater to the growing needs of the visitors arriving in the capital from Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh regions for different purposes, particularly for advanced treatment. He observed that the primary and important requirement of the people arriving in Delhi is accommodation, adding the government would take necessary measures to overcome this problem.

The Minister directed the concerned officers to keep reserved 10 rooms of the extended block with separate pantries and kitchens for the visiting people of the state. He also directed for conversion of one Block into three suits and construction of additional four suits adjoining B-Block where some space is available for the construction.

Stressing on the importance of preventive measures, Mr. Bukhari instructed the officers to put in place the fire fighting mechanism in all the blocks and residential quarters in order to face any eventuality. He also directed for upgradation of sanitation and sewerage disposal in and around the complex.


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