2014 Floods Anniversary: Flood Victims Continue to be Victims of Apathy, says NC



National Conference on Wednesday lashed out at the PDP-BJP Government of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed for their criminal apathy towards the flood victims as the one year anniversary of the devastating floods is days away.

NC General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar said the lack of any visible effort and political will from the Government to rehabilitate and compensate the flood victims had led to untold miseries and sufferings.

“Mufti Sahab had promised swift rehabilitation of the flood victims. One year has come to pass and there isn’t any sign of rehabilitation. Is this Mufti Sahab’s swiftness and seriousness? It is highly tragic that flood victims in a lot of areas continue to be without shelter and sources of livelihood while the PDP-BJP Government continues to be in constant denial about their miseries,” NC General Secretary said.

The NC General Secretary said the Union Government had shown clear double standards in dealing with the floods that ravaged Kashmir. “Uttarakhand received a different treatment for floods which were comparatively less in severity, impact and destruction caused. They received the assistance they sought in the very first month after the floods there. But J&K is yet waiting and suffering the indifference of the Union Government even a year after the floods,” the NC General Secretary added.

“We will continue to struggle and protest this criminal attitude and indifference towards the floods victims and will even come out on the roads in support and solidarity to the flood victims as and when needed,” Sagar said in an NC statement.


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